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The magnetic modular flooring system.


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Now standard on all our carpet tile products.


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Designing Better Human Experiences

AtlasMasland serves designers, architects, and businesses who value the positive impact of inspired flooring in every customer experience. Whether through our pioneering design, or our environmentally-sensitive product innovations, AtlasMasland anticipates our customers' needs with attractive flooring that lasts longer.

Beyond exciting design, we provide practical solutions, supporting time-and budget-challenged designers with insightful guidance that meets their needs and surpasses their expectations. Our mission is to consistently supply our customers with creatively designed and fabricated flooring that enriches the experience of their environments.

New Releases

Contemporary Woods Collection
Inspired by the beauty of nature’s imperfections, the Contemporary Woods luxury vinyl tile collection includes three highly versatile patterns: Airbrushed, Deconstructed and Winning Streak. Combining traditional wood looks with highly textural designs, all three patterns feature a scaled fusion of woodgrain, stone and concrete visuals. The Contemporary Woods collection comes standard with Magnetude, AtlasMasland’s revolutionary backing system. With Magnetude, the patterns in this collection can be rearranged, removed, or reused to create design schemes based on a season, unique purpose or whim, providing unlimited post-installation design possibilities.

Inspired Collection
Intentionally restrained, Inspired fulfills the dual purpose of subtle backdrop and hint of panache. The style Ingenuity achieves a subtle texture and visual interest with a small linear textural motif. Insight is a slightly larger hash mark design that is versatile enough to take center stage or play a supporting role for other, more ornate companions from our line. These products come standard with Sustaina™ backing and Thrive® yarns. And with optional Magnetude™ backing, the carpet tile in this collection can be rearranged, removed, or reused to create design schemes based on a season, a unique purpose or a whim, providing unlimited post-installation design possibilities.